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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Landscape of Emotions

Art at 12 new exhibition, Landscape of Emotions, will be on view until November 30th. Stop by to check out this group exhibition that reflects on travels.

"To travel is a decision to jump the banks, a decision to let our attention wash over unfamiliar terrain. The artists in this show made such a choice and used what they carried away to make art- inspired by their new found awareness."- Landscape of Emotions artists

12 Farnsworth Street (off Congress)
Fort Point Boston
Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday from 11-6pm
Saturday from 11-4pm

photo on right, art by Karen McFeaters

artists in Landscape of Emotions:
Jess Barnett, Ivan Fenandez, Liliana Folta
Gustavo Jimenez, Philip Manna, Mary McCarthy
Karen McFeaters, Jennifer Mecca, Krina Patel
Robin Shores, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano,
Lenore Tenenblatt, Tom Wojciechowski

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